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The Toja Grid System

A Game Changer

The Toja Grid System is not only a game changer for outdoor living spaces, but changes the entire landscape of your home yard and recreational areas. You can enjoy the advanced secure structure with every design. There are unlimited possibilities from adding wall grids, top screens, furniture, and accessories like the water bottle table on the corner post in the picture on your left. 

Why purchase a Toja Grid from us?

We have over 25 years in the construction industry. Our level of experience and dedication to the industry we love has allowed us to help people complete some of the most difficult projects. We don't settle for less when it comes to quality, consistency, and long-lasting results.

Basic reasons to order your Toja Grid through us!

  1. We can help determine the best fit for your exterior application.

  2. Our experience in building structures such as Pergolas and Catios is extensive.

  3. We know how the product installs and what you need to secure the Toja Grid

Basic Toja Grid Inquire Form

Pergola Kit Structure Type (Pricing Listed is not actual price)
Single Pergola Kit
Double Pergola Kit
Multi choice

Top Cover options

Multi choice
Top Shade Selection (Pricing listed is not actual price)

I understand that the options listed above are not all of the Toja Grid Options but a basis for the inquire. Once we determine your application, size, options, and structure type, the finalization will be commenced.

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