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About Us!


We are Dynamo Contracting LLC.

My name is Jeff Yates owner and operator of our contracting firm. We are based in the PNW where all four seasons are spectacular. We enjoy the outdoors, family, friends, music, and good coffee!

My wife Amy is my go-to for ideas, design, and client relations. She has an extensive background in organization, computer software applications, and a knack for helping encourage me on all projects.

My expertise and knowledge began over 25 years ago when I decided to become an installation contractor and carpenter. Taking on difficult projects has given me the ability to adapt, learn, and be fearless to engage in new technologies. We are consistent in finding new products that promote quality, longevity, and sustainability! We create new concepts and designs that make us standalone from the rest!

We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  


Let us help you with your next project!

There are no projects too small for us to help you complete. 

Custom sketches and creative design implemented on every project for your visual aspect. We create the necessary content for you to visualize your next project as it is important to you. We custom sketch most of the designs while using the latest software apps for more difficult and cad like concepts.  

Your time is valuable and appreciated. That is why we waste no time in getting your designs and concepts dialed into a proposal that you are happy with. Making sure your budget, vision, and expectations are met with equal attention ensures your success in starting your project.

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