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Since 2017 Dynamo Contracting has been serving the Spokane Community with Renovation, Repairs, Design, & Construction ideas. We are unique in this way; we take on the small & tedious projects that might seem.. too small for many contractors. We take pride in our work & craftsmanship. 

We work with some of the top design firms in Spokane, WA to bring a dynamo experience in every project!



My name is Jeff Yates - Owner of Dynamo Contacting LLC -

My company is based in Spokane, WA USA 

I am a licensed General Contractor with over 20 years of construction and installation experience. I have a great love for enhancing homes with a professional and unique way that stands out from other contractors. I work along side some of the most talented and professional design firms in the Greater Spokane Area. My greatest support and partner is my wife. She is a great inspiration and go to when I am in need of fresh ideas and organization.

I would be honored to help you with your next project!





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