New Project Process

Starting a new project can be a daunting task with planning, budgeting, and initiation. There is much value to having help along the way from start to finish. Most people do not know who they can trust to tackle even the smallest home upgrades to finishing. 

At Dynamo Contracting; we understand this process as we have completed many in our own home. We know how your house is a home not just another project number. We take into account your ideas, budget, and the unexpected disruption that comes along with the renovation process.

We first like to meet with you to see your ideas; sketch out through a cad program, and then build upon that digital sketch to generate a concrete project plan to meet your expectations. 

Second; we then work on the cost factors and provide a free quotation on what it will take to complete your project from the rough to smallest finishing touches.

Then; you decide based on our detailed quotation the changes and or modifications. Once you feel comfortable and excited to see this plan; we then can schedule your project!

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