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Constructed Side Support Wall

The side of this cabinet system was not premade, so we created a side wall structure to support the end of the countertop. This allows for space to enclose a mini fridge or dishwasher. 

This basic break room / kitchenette is designed to provide that quick element of refreshment. Countertop space and storage is key while delivering basic trendy colors to match any commercial setting. 

Commercial Kitchenette

Installation of New Cabinets, Countertop, Sink, & Custom Dishwasher Enclosure

We installed these products that were delivered to a commercial office space. Every commercial office space deserves a placé to take a break. Not just any break but a time that feels like home. The elements such as the countertop provides a wide space for cutting and prepping.


The cabinets above the countertop are dual storage with shelves. 

The lower cabinets provide ample space for storing utensils and other needed items for everyone working. 

There is plenty of space for a full size fridge next the end of the countertop. The added space can also be used for shelving, sitting, or just empty space for anything else. 

Products provided by Noble House Interiors.

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