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A Side View of the Makeover

We refinished the floors as well adding a nice rejuvenating look tying into the new tile bordering the hearth. We left the original hearth tile to add a uniqueness to the look of the fireplace. It is painted a gray color for a nice accent. 

Fireplaces are a symbol of warmth, comfort, and living space. Renovation of an existing fireplace brings endless possibilities with design and construction. You not only warm your home with a fireplace but build memories around it. 

Prouty Fireplace Renovation

New Design, Framework, Granite Tile, Mantle, & Hearth

This fireplace was originally constructed in 1956 with tan brick and mortar. There was no mantle or uniqueness to the design. From floor to ceiling this fireplace was like many others that were built by the same Contractors during the 50's & 60's. 


Since we refreshed the living, hallway, and entryway with new trim, paint, and door systems, we wanted to bring an impressive point of view when you enter the living room. I think we accomplished this!

Crown Moulding is above the fireplace as in the gallery photos on the Work Page of our Site. The elements that make this unique is the framework and tile are built around the existing gas insert. 

The whole structure has been intricately framed with precision for the drywall, trim, and tile to perfectly wrap around the fireplace. This was a phenomenal project to be completed. 

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