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Mirrors on a Slate Tile Wall

Precision is the key and mastery when planning any mirror installation. These two mirrors are aligned to the sink faucets, spaced evenly between the lighting, and are exactly the same height above the counter. No room for error here. 

Installation of artwork can be a tedious task. Our experience in hanging art pieces with frames, no frames, & mounting hardware of all sorts, has been a challenging but fun experience. 

Anderson Project

Doors, Handle Systems, Mill working, Doorstops, Mirrors, Artwork, Entrance Door Hardware, Catch Plates, Hooks, & Toiletry Hardware

It has been a pleasure working with the owners of the products installed in these photos. The projects completed in this home show the detail and design throughout the installation process. 


From doors to mirrors the many facets of what we provide in our contracting is not limited to just construction and renovation. 

Choosing your interior finish products such as doors, handles, fixtures, lighting, mirrors, and other necessary elements, needs to be thought out and installed by a professional contractor. 


You can DIY, the experience we have found with many of these types of projects is that there is little room for mistake when installing mirrors on slate, milling outdoors for new hardware, or installing a 14' Barn door system. That is why we are here to help you get your interior projects done right and with meticulous forethought. 

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