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Customizing Interior Doors from the factory is not an easy task. When you have a barn door system that needs modifying, you want to make sure the cutouts for handles and bottom guides are routed out with precision. 

Trims and Mouldings are a unique part of the construction of your home. We carefully store base, crown, and door trims at our shop and finish each piece with paint or stain prior to installation. 

Doors, Millwork, & Trim

Base Trim & Mouldings, Crown Moulding, Interior Doors & Handles, Closet Doors, Bifold & Bipass.

Whether your home is newer or of an older era, the most important aspect of a home is the trim work and design. We have installed crown Mouldings, chair railings, base trim, door trim, and custom modification to other types of interior finishing projects.

We have an extensive background in finishing and detail. These two components add a deeper value to your interior part of your home. 

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