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 A Bold Move & Element

wood shavings3.png
Carve shaving2.png
Carve shaving2.png
old chisel.png

We are ecstatic about the launch of our new addition to Dynamo Contracting.. This is a bold and inspiring move our business is taking! It will be and already has received growing interest, support, & excitement. 

Soon our New Website will be launched with Carvings & Shop Creations. You will be able to purchase custom carvings on wood and metal.

Stay tuned. 


wood shavings3.png
IMG_4708 (2).JPEG

Our first Carving!

Maple Wood painted neutral with black leaves and the Gather Word adding a nifty touch. 

This is one of over 12 designs we have already implemented ready for the carving process. From sketching our designs, hours of dialing in the details, and rendering the carve with our Cad program, we will be able to create these carvings soon. 

There will be many colors, carving depths, themes, and materials carved. 


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