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Niche Experience 


There are many different facets to our business model. Being able to help other people with the 

crucial knowledge and skills in other areas of their home or business is vital. 

Interior Design

Facets of our Work

Our Expertise in basic services

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Artwork & Mirror Installation

Interior Cabinet & Door Hardware

We have installed some of the most elegant and simple art pieces. Along with this are the complicated artwork sections that require fine and precise measuring. Mirrors are a vital element to bedrooms and bathrooms. We offer a professional installation service for both of these. 


Lighting & Accessories

Lighting is one of the most transforming elements that you can change in your home. Lighting can date or create a new feel immediately. We install interior & exterior lighting along with accessories such as shelving, hooks, & handicap pull rails to help in the bathroom areas.

Many times, a simple refresh is all your home needs to stay updated. With this you can install new hardware for your cabinetry and doors depending on the quality and finish. We have installed hundreds + of door handles, knobs, & cabinet systems. Let us help you with yours. 


Furniture Assembly & Staging

Many people do not think about furniture as a facet of construction. It is a finish element of your home that most people do themselves. We take the guesswork out of box of your new nightstand, end table, bench seats, and more. We will help place these simple pieces where you wish.

Renovation & Design

Our Expertise Renovation



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Design & Implementation 

Demolition & Cleanup

One of the key components to any project is the design process. Without properly drawing out the end vision, the project will not be completed with ease. We sketch out every project to the finest detail. This sets us apart from many others. 

We have taken many projects that only required the demolition and removal of existing materials. This is a tedious task that requires safety measures, masking off for dust control, and proper cleanup of all debris. We are professional in this area and can make the next step a smooth transition. 


Construction & Finishing

The construction of walls, cabinets, and installation of materials is one of the most important phases to any project. We value your home and want it to look the best it can be. 


Final Touches

Every detail of your project needs to be treated with the upmost respect. We do not believe in quick finishing shortcuts. We take pride in our work and make sure every detail is completed and looks amazing!

Image by Nolan Issac
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